What is Our Mission:

Our mission is to support health, exercise and play for all. We achieve this goal by selling as much East Bay Athletic Club branded gear as possible! Each year we choose one sports/play/wellness focused organization to partner with and 100% of profits raised through apparel sales during that year are then donated to the selected cause. 

Why this Mission is Important:

“Pay to Play” is the way these days. This is fine for some, but for many others not so much. Our country is full of young people who’s families can not afford the typically very expensive club sport experience. Even high school sports teams often require a significant contribution from home. As well, options for free or reduced youth sports programming are harder to find. We believe all kids should have access to play, therefore we see a huge value in doing all we can to support those programs which do exist continue to do their good work.

Which Types of Groups does EBAC Usually Support:

Besides getting some cool new threads, we understand it is also important to know where else your money is going. We look for youth sport based non-profits who have made it their mission to provide opportunities for boys and girls to play who might otherwise not have the chance, especially those which offer not just the playing experience, but also provide other support structures such as academic mentoring, health/nutrition guidance and cultural enrichment. We also look for high school sports programs that are at risk of cutting sports due to lack of funding. If your organization or school fits this description, please reach out to us.