The East Bay Athletic Club, and its associated Infinity EB logo, was created in 2012 by University of California strength and conditioning coach Brian Rutherford. Originally called "Eastbay Athletics", Rutherford ran off and pre-season training camps for high school and collegiate athletes. In 2014 a men's lacrosse team was formed. In 2015 the growing organization, boosted by the efforts of Co-Founder Lena Zentgraf, changed its name becoming East Bay Athletic Club. Other teams followed, and the club also began sponsoring local elite athletes.  During 2016 and 2017 the East Bay Athletic Club was not only a sports organization, but also a brick and mortar gym located in the Temescal neighborhood of North Oakland. However, in early 2018, EBAC decided to close the gym business to focus on their mission to unite, support, and inspire the East Bay sports community.  

East Bay Athletic Club is now a 501c7 non-profit. Membership dues and donations allow for the club to support other local sports based groups with funding. In 2018 EBAC donated over $10,000 dollars. The goal is to be able to put $100,000 dollars back into the community annually. Dues are on a sliding scale, suggested $25/month. Private donations can be made at any time by both members and non-members. 

EBAC members gather at various events throughout the year. The club continues to sponsor teams and support promising local athletes.